October 11, 2009

Cathy Cullis: September

My lucky streak continues, with September arriving in my mailbox...

Cathy Cullis recently hosted an autumn giveaway, and September was the prize. The fabric was dyed with violas! If you're interested, she has a whole post dedicated to dyeing with blackberries and onion skins. Fascinating stuff.

If you haven't seen Cathy's work before, I recommend you head on over to take a look. I love the small stitches & details.... the floating faces & string hiding everywhere enchant me!

This piece, 'a memoir', was one of the first pieces of her work I saw. I've since discovered that she also makes dolls:

And writes poetry which sometimes finds its way into her textile art:

To see more of Cathy's enchanting work, also check out her flickr, etsy, and big cartel.

Next week begins Cathy's week of painting... I'm looking forward to it!


Unknown said...

I too love Cathy's work Lucky you

Tania said...

Hey, thanks for the heads up - it's gorgeous stuff - but in a good edgy way.

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