February 11, 2010

Magazine Collage ATCs

Hot on the heels of my junk mail collages, I participated in a Magazine Collage ATC Swap over on swap-bot.

I spent a while poring over old Frankie Magazines to find inspiration, which wasn't hard because it's full of cute and quirky backgrounds, drawings, photos & articles :)

The process went something like this:
  1. Rip out magazine pages with interesting pics
  2. Carefully cut out around individual pics with an exacto knife & cut out various background prints
  3. Spend an hour or so rearranging all the little pieces around on a blank ATC until happy with the arangement
  4. Desperately try and glue all the pieces down whilst keeping them in place
  5. Look at all the bits and pieces which didn't make the cut... and repeat steps 3&4
As you can see in the pics above, I actually cut out an ATC-sized piece from the magazine's cover to use as the 'blank' canvas.

And we all know I'm a sucker for coordination, so the card & envelope also had to be made from Frankie magazine cut-outs!

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