March 7, 2010

Everything tastes better wrapped in puff pastry!

I recently picked up Vegan Yum Yum's book after spotting it at a local book-store. That very night, I tried a creamy pasta recipe. The next night, I tried the apple strudel.

It was amazing. The recipe was simple, and the result was divine. I hadn't cooked with puff pastry in ages... The experience reminded me of the first time I tried deep fried goat's cheese. I was in heaven. Other types of cheeses were tried. For a while I was coating everything in eggs and breadcrumbs and frying it.

My boyfriend even rolled up chicken curry and rice leftovers into little balls to batter and fry. Oh yes.

The other night, I made a simple rice and veg sauce dinner. I was also craving puff pastry. So I spread out a layer of rice on a sheet of puff pastry, then a layer of sauce, rolled it up and baked it.

It was amazing, if a little funny looking. It's true... everything tastes better wrapped in puff pastry!


Sonia said...

Nice going. All sorts of pot pies are so much yummier when you cover it with puff pastry instead of mashed potato!

Marisa said...

Puff pastry rules! We made some filled with brie/strawberry jam and some with nutella for our Oscar viewing party. I'm salivating looking at your pics :)

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