January 18, 2009

Old Canberran postcard

I won't be discussing every postcard I send out, but I particularly like this one. I've been stashing postcards for a long time now, and am loving being able to send them out to others. This one is old - I think I may have gotten it from my parents.

You can tell its age by several things. First of all, the telephone number on the back is (062) 88-3508 now there have been several phone changes since then. The 6-digit phone number became a 7-digit one, and then an 8-digit one. (I remember this last transition as a child). So that phone number would probably be (02) 6288-3508 nowadays. Also, the style of the postcard. Nowadays, a lot of available aussie postcards seem to be Steve Parish or Murray views ones, and there are lots of fancy fonts, fading effects, etc. No-one proudly proclaims to have taken a "colour photograph" anymore or bother to name small ferries in photos.

So in brief, I love the ridged edge, the colours, the RED BOLD ITALIC title, and the little message in the stamp-box: "I LIKE TO BE SEEN - please don't send me in an envelope".

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