May 11, 2009

Toy Society Drop: Greggles

Meet Greggles. He's adapted from a pattern of the same name in Plush-O-Rama.

He is made from some old pyjamas of mine (the stripey material) and some short red toy fur from the bargain bin at Lincraft. The long fur for the eyes came from Love and a Sandwich's etsy shop where you can buy a small bag of assorted fur offcuts. The eye-rings and mouth are made from hand-stitched felt.

I made him especially for a Toy Society drop (#295) - check out the site for more plushies!

I bundled him up and left him with a letter in an envelope explaining what the Toy Society is about, and a colourful tag that said "Take me home - I'm yours".

I left him near Manuka (Canberra, Australia) this morning (11 May 2009) and when I went past this afternoon, he was gone. I salvaged the ribbon and tag which had been left dangling.

Hope he found a good home :)

I'd like to do some more of these drops, but not before I finally get around to making up some morsbags...

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Sayraphim said...

Your Toy Society doll is awesome! What a cool thing to find on the way to somewhere else. I love the fur touches on him too.

Great job!

Singing Semele said...

I've been scouting around The Toy Society website for a while now and desperately trying to find the time to make a softie so that I can be involved. I was so happy to see one being dropped in Canberra (where I live!). Well done. He (she?) is very cute.

Annaliese xx said...

Hello JenMeister! Guess who the lucky girl is for the Nilla Nilla Pout Balm Giveaway on the Curious Little Oyster Blog!?!?

That's right - You!

Check out

Congratulations and let me know what flavour you would like sent out to you : )

BTW: I found a doll a few months back from the Toy Society - it really made my day!!! Such a lovely gesture to give like that...

JenMeister said...

Thanks for the kind comments :)

@Sayraphim I love the fur touches too - that's what drew me to the pattern in the first place :)

@Singing Semele Good to see a fellow Canberran Toy Society Dropper! Congrats on your first drop too!

@Annaliese Thanks so much, I'm really excited to try out your lip balm.

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