September 9, 2009

Knee-deep in zippers

Action shot!

The postman brought me a lovely package today... 100 zippers in all sorts of colours and sizes (from 4"-10"). A real mixed bag. I was impressed with Zipperstop's service, they answered my international shipping query quickly and sent of the items promptly.

They have lots of bulk zipper packs, I bought mine for US$9.99 and about the same for shipping. They ended up coming to roughly AU$0.25 a zipper which is pretty good!

Now to work on adding zippers to things. It still scares me every time... well I have a lot to play with now, at least!


Anna Bartlett said...

I know what you mean re being scared of zippers! And you're a girl after my own heart to be scared and still happen to buy so many of the things.
I have mastered a great cushion back zip if you're interested, but am still working on all the other applications for them!

JenMeister said...

It does seem to be quite a common feeling, doesn't it? I have since successfully placed a zipper in a small bag! I wouldn't say it was perfectly placed, but it worked! It was quite satisfying... And fun to choose from all my different colours... I still get nervous thinking about zips, but I figure that if I force myself to do it, I'll get used to it. I haven't made a cushion cover yet, but I know who to turn to if I make one - thanks! :)

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