September 20, 2009

Recycling old pillowcases into Morsbags

On my last trip to the local op-shop, I bought a bunch of old pillow cases. Some were faded, had some stains, or were just ugly designs for a pillowcase.

I've decided out that when pillowcases have a lot of fabric folded under at the end & generous seams, you can unpick the whole lot, give it a good wash, and make two Morsbags out of the one pillowcase. That's what I did with the pillowcase pictured above:

For other pillowcases, you can save time by just making one large bag. You slice off the top where the opening is (You should have enough to make 4 handles out of this), turn it inside out, fold down the top and sew in the handles as usual, then finish it off with a french seam around the edges :) I'll try & document the process with photos when I have a little more time.

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