April 1, 2010

Send some sparks of fun through the postal system!

Next time you send a letter, pause and consider the envelope.

If you haven't made the envelope yourself out of recycled pages, consider jazzing it up with a few scribbles or cut-outs... it makes receiving mail that much more fun! No doubt for the people delivering the mail as well...

These two envelopes were made for a penpal swap I hosted on swap-bot. The first was made with scrapbooking paper, and the second one is a drawn patchwork of vintage fabric.

I was inspired to start doing it more often after receiving a lovely map envelope from Communikate and many a hand-decorated envelope from bobberdilly (along with mail art & other drawings). If you have a moment, check out his blog - it is chocabloc full of amazing drawings.

In fact, this envelope was not just based on, it is pretty much a reproduction of one of the lovely pictures he sent me.

And this is an envelope I sent him... You can't tell from this scan, but the front of the envelope had just the face & the sea snail. And when you flip it over, you see that the face is attached to the body of a fish!

It's been fun, and I'm glad he's encouraged me to draw again (and not just copy other drawings & make collages). In turn, I encourage you all to decorate that next letter, or slip in a quick drawing you've done! Go forth and sending some sparks of fun through the postal system!

(Psst...If you're stuck on who to send to, or want to send out a drawing anonymously, don't forget about sendsomething.net)

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Anna Bartlett said...

Love those envelopes Jen. Esp the cityscape one! Drew all over a big parcel last week and it was so freeing. Didn't think to take a pic though. Was focussed on making up for the fact that the gift inside was so late!

Ruby Star said...

some really cute envies there. you know you have created a beast in me and I continue to make my own thanks to your stencil. sendsomething looks interesting, will have to check it out, thank you x

Thea said...

This is a great idea and I am a huge advocate of recycling. BTW.. you have won Pop-Art Girl. Please email me your postal details. (see my blog profile for address)

Jorth said...

That is such a stinkin' cool idea!

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