April 28, 2010

50 Morsbags = a giveaway!

Morsbags has a fun tool you can use to visualise where pods are around the world, and how many bags they've made. Can you see Canberra up the top there, on the right? 51 bags! Since my friend made one, that means that I have made & distributed 50 bags in the last 8 months or so.

Here are some of the bags I made in my last batch (you guessed it - a rise in Uni work means a rise in crafty procrastination).

One of the things I love about using found or re-purposed fabrics is that you end up using materials that you might not have otherwise.

For instance, I found myself working with an interesting pink fabric, which I teamed with an '80s print, both salvaged from my local op-shop.

I also managed to use some leftover material from another Morsbag I made (from an old floral pillowcase) for some handles. So satisfying!

For this blue/brown number, I recycled some old brown sheets into handles to go with the cute print I found at - you guessed it - my local op-shop!

For your chance to win the blue/brown Morsbag (#50!), simply leave a comment below answering the following question:
What is the single biggest obstacle to your living without plastic bags?
Comments will close at noon on Sunday the 2nd of May (GMT+10) and a winner will be drawn at random the next day.

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Anna Bartlett said...

Lack of time! I confess I use disposable nappies (for my babies - it's not a wierd sort of confession), and I dispose of them in plastic bags. But I always try to remember my ecobags for the shopping! Love that blue/brown bag Jen.

Anonymous said...


It is so hard to get things without plastic when you work full time.

I am investigating getting things delivered from the local organic delivery service, but I grow a lot of my veg and I don't want to get things I already have. Our local farmers market is on a wednesday and friday. Er, yeah. Thanks for that!

I bag you said...

Congratulations for your first 50 morsbags, it's a great result! Keep up the good work!

I started sewing morsbags in October 2007 and since then I've drastically reduced the use of plastic bags.

The main problem for me at the moment is how to dispose garbage. Depending on the garbage sometimes it might be diffcult without a plastic bag... but I'm working on it! ;o)

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