July 25, 2010

Stamp carving with Brown Owls

I hadn't been to a Brown Owls meeting in such a long time, so it was great to be back and crafting with other people again.

This month's activity was stamp carving, and there are some great tutorials listed for it if you're interested. I'd been a little disheartened by my attempt to carve lino, but carving erasers was a much nicer experience!

It's nice to be able to give it a go, ink it, and then make adjustments. For instance, I had to get rid of a bit in the corner of the robo-postbox one. Also, don't forget to reverse things like writing if you are drawing directly on to the stamp... that's how I ended up with an exclamation mark before the envelope!

These are the sketches I worked from... and I'd love to think up some more. These will be great for stamping envelopes with. Check out the meet's stamping round-up for some great inspiration!


Anna Bartlett said...

Lovely stamps Jen. I bought a block of that rubber stuff at the same time as I bought my sometimes-disappearing freezer paper... I am happy to report that I found both again recently and seeing what you've done here makes me want to make stamps... soon! Good to be reminded about the reversed text bit! Love your robot!

JenMeister said...

Thanks, Anna! Dollar-store erasers work really well too. I'm now thinking about whether to bother mounting them on a block of wood or not. First of all I need to get to the shops to buy an inkpad! I look forward to seeing some "shiny happy" freezer paper/rubber stamps soon :)

JenMeister said...

Also, I like to think that the exclamation mark before the envelope just signifies that it's an important letter... kind of like the "high importance" exclamation mark in email clients... http://www.spywaredrguide.com/VirtualDr/images/email_send_importance_high_02.jpg

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