January 7, 2009

One-Day Swap

I made this ATC for the One-Day Swap at swap-bot.

The original sketch was for a dotee doll, but I didn't have enough nice fabrics to pull it off. However, after spreading all of my craft supplies out all over the floor to take stock of my supplies (they're all still scattered about, ahem), I decided that I had enough appropriate paper scraps to give an ATC a go.

ATCs are a concept that, like dotees, I had not come across before joining swap-bot. So this is my very first ATC. I'm still not comfortable with my drawing skills, preferring to do simple collage-type things for now.

You can't really tell from the scanned image, but the ATC is layered:
  • The red hat-band & dress are made from corrugated red cardboard
  • The hat itself is made from textured black cardboard. The brim stands out, because I stuck a piece of felt under it.
  • The "button" is a "flat" wooden bead
  • The face is made of felt, with embroidered eyes & mouth.
  • The fringe is also made from felt, but the hair that hangs down is braided embroidery thread (they move around freely)
  • The shawl's fringe is green Yarn
  • The shawl and hills are made from some scrapbooking paper & the sky was cut out of an advertising catalogue
I love all the different textures & recycling all the scraps of paper & material I have been hoarding for what feels like an eternity!


Anonymous said...

This ATC is beautiful. You have a wonderful knack for it. I have thought about trying them. Maybe soon after I clear off my plate a little bit. Thanks for visiting my site.

JenMeister said...

Thanks, Holly! Like I said, you should definitely give it a go :)

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