May 26, 2010

1950s Cheerleading costume

That, my friends, is what happens when you try to take an action shot of yourself using the 10-second timer on a cheap camera balanced on a cereal box, on a chair, with no natural light left in the day.

Recently, a friend hosted a murder mystery party. It was good fun because I could reminisce about the ones I went to when I was at school... and because dress-ups are always fun!

I was told my character was a 1950s cheerleader. A quick google image search revealed that the 1950s cheerleading outfits were pretty chaste! Of course I left making the costume to the day of the party, so I had to work fast, with materials I already had!

I had a bunch of plain green fabric, so I whipped up a really simple skirt using Gosgrain's fabulous 20-minute skirt tutorial. It turned out too long (my fault!), but I was too lazy to hem it up as the bottom of the skirt was the selvedge... best idea ever!

I chose one of my white shirts to wear, and traced an R onto a sheet of cheap green acrylic felt. I cut it out and stuck it on with double-sided sticky tape which easily lasted the night and didn't leave any marks on my shirt!

For the pom-poms, I just tore long thin strips of green and white fabric. For each one, I took a bunch of strips, doubled them over and tied the middle off with an elastic band, leaving enough room for a finger to loop through it.

It was a fun night, though I must confess I didn't guess the murderer...

I'm looking forward to making a more flattering skirt with the tutorial soon!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A, the costume is amazing! B, I love that your friends are throwing Murder Mystery parties! Sounds like my kind of people! Happy weekend lady!

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