May 23, 2010

How now, brown... sheet!

I had an old brown sheet to cut up, but was struggling a bit to think of ways to make the bags pretty. It needed a stencilled design on it! Since my last foray into freezer paper stencilling, I have acquired more screen-painting ink colours! I now have black, white, blue, red and yellow.

White seemed perfect... and I was totally lazy and ended up using my laptop's screen as a lightbox, zooming in on the design and placing the freezer paper directly on the screen, tracing over the picture lightly.

Stencil: "Cypress Tree" by Lynell Harlow, available from

Sometimes a Morsbag sets itself apart from the rest, and needs to be sent to someone rather than bundled off to the op-shop. This one made its way to Anna Bartlett, a blogfriend who wrote a lovely post about it.

The remaining brown bags had scraps of the blue/brown fabric attached to them.

Unfortunately, due to the length of the scraps & some interesting pinning, the result was less than picture-perfect. Adds to the charm, I'm sure... but next time I may place the stripe off-center, down one side!


Sonia said...

Nice work! I love the stencil. It just makes the bag.

I bag you said...

Beautiful bags!
I think both of them have an elegant and a bit retro Japanese taste. Do you like Japan?

Anna Bartlett said...

And I LOVE my special brown bag. Thanks so much Jen!

JenMeister said...

Thanks for the lovely comments!

@I bag you: it was pure coincidence. I have no special interest in Japan :)

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