August 14, 2010

Leather book sleeve

I first saw a pattern for a book sleeve in Zakka Sewing. I'd been waiting for a special occasion to make one, as unfortunately books here come in every size and shape, making such a sleeve unlikely to be reusable for other books.

(Spot the cathy cullis doll in the pic above!)

I was tossing up which fabric to use for it when I remembered that the recipient of this gift had been given some thin leather that had been cut out from the back of the couch of a loved one. It had special meaning for him. Leather is not a material I've worked with before, or plan to work with again.

It didn't need any lining, but I was keen to use this green fabric that I'd saved from the ends of a pillowcase, the rest of which was made into a Morsbag.

Unfortunately I didn't think it through very well and the fabric was threadbare and the leather had a mind of its own. Let's just say that turning it inside out and poking out the corners was a little nerve-wracking.

I used some old packaging to make a little clear pocket on the front.

I also had some beautiful woven ribbon that I'd picked up from my local op-shop which I used to embellish the book and make a bookmark.

I guess I can always whip up some blank books in that size to fit inside the sleeve for future gifts!

If you'd like to make your own journal cover, there are some great resources here:


Anonymous said...

It might be worth seeing if a moleskein fits into it. That would be a most amazing present.

My moleskins are so important to me and it would be great to have a cover like that for it! I normally have it in my bag, so a covering would be a great idea!

JenMeister said...

That's a great idea! Unfortunately I don't think it'll be the same dimensions as a Moleskine - but it's a great gift idea. Out of curiosity, what do you use your moleskine for? :)

Anonymous said...

As a journal and I write loads in it, although one seems to last me 3 months generally.

I have a series of them going back about 6 years. I am hoping at some point to make my fortune turning my wild late twenties into some sort of book! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just to add, I used to carry mine around with me, but since I started teaching there is no way I will do so, I am paranoid a little darling will get hold of it and read it out to everyone and I will DIE!!!

JenMeister said...

Fantastic! I tried keeping a journal for a while but have never been very good about it. I now carry a little book around and try to jot down things, quotes, thoughts, and I stick in bits of memorabilia. I guess it's like a journal but without my feeling like I need to write in it regularly! I do however carry it around with me everywhere (otherwise I NEVER write in it) and once I left it in a shop. I was pretty embarrassed when they rang me about it! (I'd put my contact details in the front.)

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