August 22, 2010

Toy Society Drop: No llores, Lorretta #2 (with added lightning!)

Since I made the ¡no llores, Lorretta! pattern available, I thought I'd better test it. The first time I made the toy I didn't really use a pattern.

I had different colours of felt to work with, so it came out a little differently. Still pretty cute, I reckon.

After making the toy, I made a few adjustments to the pattern for next time (the right hand was a little wonky, redid the cloud bumps between the arms...). Looking at the pictures now, I probably should have also trimmed the dark felt a bit more so it didn't show up on the happy side!

I decided to leave her for someone to find, as a Toy Society Drop (#1332).

I left Lorretta attached to a tree near one of Lake Burley Griffin's walking tracks (Canberra, Australia) around midday.

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Anonymous said...

I just saw this drop in the toy society and it is one of the most adorable plushies I've ever seen in there! I have a lot of things lined up, but as soon as my time frees a bit, I will follow your lovely pattern! xo

Dolores said...

I do hope a little one picks it up. It's cute.

JenMeister said...

Thank you both for your lovely comments :)

If anyone makes the pattern, let me know if you have any feedback (on steps/tricky bits) or suggestions concerning the size/shape of the cloud (or the width of the arms) etc.

I think the facial features are a bit fiddly to cut out & trace - I just winged it :) Also, the body pieces *are* mirror images of each other, but I'm still including both to show the facial placement :)

Tania said...

Oh well done, chook! Love The Toy Society. Love the random act of kindness thing. Lucky finder person...

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